From various food ingredients that colorfully enrich the dining table to the cup of drink after the meals

We introduce our businesses nurtured over the years together with our suppliers and together with our customers.

Coffee and Beverage Business

Since Sueo Ishimitsu, the founder, brought back coffee beans and roasting machines that were still rare at that time into Japan, and worked for diffusion of coffee, we have been engaged in coffee and beverage business without forgetting the industry pioneer's pride. We make “one cup of happiness” of the consumers’ side through import, processing and sales of coffee and tea. Further, due to agricultural products’ characteristics, we are deeply involved with developing countries and by building long lasting partnership, we contribute to secure the employment and to improve technology at the producers’ side.

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  • Coffee Beverage Raw Material Category
    Coffee Beverage Raw Material Category
    Handling raw materials for beverage such as green coffee beans, black tea and others.
  • Coffee Beverage Manufactured Products Category
    Coffee Beverage Manufactured Products Category
    Handling packaged products of coffee, black tea and others.

Food Business

Supporting “wealthiness of food” through the sales of commercial use food ingredients developed in Japan and abroad. In addition to many long-selling products that have been repeatedly improved, we are also developing various products based on the needs of the market such as foods that are useful to double-income household, foods that can be deliciously eaten even when person gets older, foods to protect the family’s economy against the rising prices due to natural disasters, and others.

  • Processed Food Category
    Processed Food Category
    Handling canned fruits and vegetables, Western food ingredients such as pasta and olive oil, and frozen foods.
  • Prepared Frozen Food Category
    Prepared Frozen Food Category
    Handling various chicken-related products.
  • Seafood Category
    Seafood Category
    Handling seafoods like shrimps, squids, octopus and others.
  • Agri-Products Category
    Agri-Products Category
    Selling imported and domestically produced fresh vegetables and processed agricultural products to food manufacturers, cut vegetable suppliers, restaurant chains, mass retailers etc.

Overseas Business

From our bases in Japan and overseas group companies, we deliver Japanese food culture and transmit technology to people in the world. The coffee once we introduced and made popular in Japan has become nowadays an indispensable part of our everyday life. Believing in same possibility, we continue introducing Japanese foods that we are proud of to the world.