Terms of Use

The website of S. ISHIMITSU & Co., LTD. ("the website" hereafter) is operated by S. ISHIMITSU & Co., LTD. ("the company" hereafter) or its agent. Please carefully read the terms of the service below before using the website and please use the website only if you can agree with those terms.

For copyright

The right for all contents on the website such as text, picture image, and program ("the contents" as collective word hereafter) shall belong to the company or the original author. The contents shall not be used beyond the recognized range of the laws such as private copying. It is prohibited for violation of copyright or other illegal conducts such as copying, altering, reprinting, selling, and publishing without acquiring permission from the company or the original author.

For trademark

The right of all trademarks, logo marks, and business names appeared on the website belongs to the company or individual right holder. Except the case recognized by right of the trademark law or other laws, it is prohibited to use them without the legitimate right.

For disclaimer

The company shall not be responsible for any trouble, loss, and damage by the information posted on the website or using the website. The company may change or delete the structure of the website, the usage requirement, URL, and the contents without prior notification. In addition, the company may discontinue or cease the operation of the website. Please be forewarned. The company may change the usage requirement without prior notification. Please be forewarned.

Prohibited matters

When using the website, the following conducts are prohibited. Those prohibited conducts are to interrupt or interfere the operation of the website; to cause or possibly cause trouble, disadvantage or damage for other users, the third party, or the company; to invade or possibly invade the asset or privacy of other users, the third party, or the company; to violate or possibly violate public order and morality; to violate or possibly violate laws, regulations, or ordinances; and other conducts that the company determines as inappropriate.

For link

For a link from the website, the company understands that other websites as the link destinations will be managed by individual website operator; therefore, the company shall not guarantee for the contents at all. In addition, the company shall not be responsible for any trouble and damage when a user uses the contents. Link does not mean that the company recommends to link with other websites as the link destinations and to use their contents, or the company has any special relation with those websites.

Governing law

The interpretation and application for the website usage and terms shall comply with the Japanese laws unless it is specified separately.