Privacy Policy

S. ISHIMITSU & Co., LTD ("the company" hereafter) shall recognize the importance of personal information (name, address, birthday, telephone number, and other specific information) and thoroughly strives to its appropriate handling and protection based on the following guidelines.
When a customer uses the website of S. ISHIMITSU & Co., LTD. ("the website" hereafter), we automatically interpret that the customer agrees with the handling of personal information by the website.

For collection of personal information

For your usage of the website, we might collect personal information by questionnaire or other methods for providing a better service. The range of collecting personal information will be minimum only to meet a purpose of collection, and we comply with any relevant laws for personal information protection and the company regulations when we handle the personal information.

For protection and management of personal information

The personal information that the company collects from customers will be appropriately managed and the company makes effects to avoid a loss, destruction, alteration, unauthorized access, and divulgation.
The collected personal information of customers will not be disclosed to others or third party without consent of the customers. In addition, other customers can not see your personal information by accessing the website.

For usage of personal information

The personal information of customers will be used for the following purposes.

  • For communicating the information of service and product accurately to our customers
  • For identification when customers use our services
  • For improving the website to provide a better satisfaction for our customers
  • For developing a new service
  • For contacting with our customers as necessary
  • For improving the handling of personal information

For handling personal information by the website, we shall improve it appropriately when a necessity of the review occurs.

Tomohiro Ishiwaki, Representative Director President,
4-40, Iwaya Minami-machi, Nada-ku,Kobe,Japan