Disseminating Japanese food culture and technology to the world.

In 1906 at the Los Angeles, the founder Sueo Ishimitsu started selling Japanese food for local Japanese. Japanese tea, rice cake(mochi), miso soup, sake. The local Japanese immigrants and expatriates were extremely glad about those foods that reminded their motherland. The Overseas Business Group delivers Japanese food that matches the modern needs to the foreign countries, while inheriting the aspirations and story at the time of foundation.

Characteristics of Export Business Category


Export of products, mainly Japanese food

We are exporting Japanese products of various genres to overseas: seasonings, processed foods, seafood products, sweets, and articles of taste such as alcoholic beverages.
We work closely with overseas buyers to catch the information and to provide products that meet local needs.
We also do overseas joint sales in cooperation with domestic manufacturers.

We endeavor to deliver not only the food itself but also the culture related to it, such as its origin, how to serve and appreciate, etc., for transmission of its appealing values more deeply.
At the same time, by disseminating Japanese food culture in the overseas, we endeavor to support traditional industries and local producers in Japan.

Export mechanism chart

  1. Manufacturing
    Manufacturers all over Japan
  2. IshimitsuIshimitsu
  3. Overseas business partners
    Import Overseas trading company
  4. Sales
    • South East Asia
    • Oceania
    • Europe
    • Africa, etc.

Trilateral trade

Using the network built up through import business, we deliver products directly from our overseas suppliers and factories to our overseas buyers.
By not transporting through Japan, it enables low-price, and speedy supply.
We realize handling of products that are in accordance with Japanese Quality Control standards.
We stand between the supplier and the buyer, and coordinate both parties.

We stand between the supplier and the buyer, and coordinate both parties.


Product development for overseas market

We develop Japanese products that meet the needs of overseas customers.
There are no domestic standards or products demanded by overseas customers! In such a case, we develop the product from scratch in a cooperation with our domestic business partners.

Characteristics of Overseas Business Support Team

Specialized unit that connects Ishimitsu with its overseas group companies.

Main activity purposes
  • Sales support of overseas group companies
  • Promotion of cooperation projects between overseas group companies and Ishimitsu

Main trading countries


Overseas group companies

China  Shanghai We bring new beverage culture to Chinese people.
We are working to popularize coffee, sake and shochu beverages, our main products.
Thailand Bangkok We import Japanese food to Thailand and export to Japan.
We connect the two countries with food.
A.Tosh Ishimitsu Beverages India Private Limited
India  Coimbatore We are committed to produce Japanese quality standard tea products in India.