1906 The late Mr. S. Ishimitsu, founder of S. ISHIMITSU & CO., LTD., went to the United States and opened a grocery store in Los Angeles.
1909 As the business developed into wholesaling, Mr Ishimitsu opened a branch office in Kobe as an import base for Japanese products.
1919 Opened a branch office in San Francisco.
1922 Removed the head office to Kobe with the increase of import from Japan. Then, expanded trade business with north-south America, Australia, the Mediterranean and Asian Countries.
1941 Mr. Ishimitsu suspended business activities due to the hardships of World War II.
1951 S. ISHIMITSU & CO., LTD. (Japanese name: ISHIMITSU SUEO SHOTEN) was incorporated with capital of 1 million yen, and resumed importation of coffee beans, tea leaves, and other types of food.
1953 Opened Tokyo Sales Office to reinforce sales in northern Japan, and re-established Export Department to develop sales channels in Europe, Africa, and Australia.
1963 Renamed to ISHIMITSU SHOJI in Japanese, and Tokyo Sales Office was developed into Tokyo Branch. Capital was increased, for the seventh time, to 56 million yen.
1970 Capital was increased to 100.8 million yen. (Thereafter, to 110.88 million in 1972.)
1973 Kansai Allied Coffee Roasters Co., Ltd. was established by joint capital investment (currently a consolidated subsidiary)
1975 Established a subsidiary, Si-Cafe Co., Ltd. as an antenna shop and resumed a coffee/tea shop
1977 Capital was increased to 280 million yen. (Thereafter, to 323.8 million yen in 1997, to 338.8 million yen in 2000).
1997 New distribution center was established in Nishi-Yodogawa Ward, Osaka City.
1999 New head office building was completed. Acquired US Foods Co., Ltd as a subsidiary.
2002 Stock was registered in the Over-the-counter Market under the Japan Securities Dealers Association and thereafter listed on JASDAQ Securities Exchange in 2004. Capital was increased to 623.2 million yen.
2006 The 100th Anniversary of Company Foundation
2011 Set up a fabrication facility in the Distribution Center. (Thereafter, transferred to Kansai Allied Coffee Roasters Co., Ltd. in 2012.)
2012 Established S. ISHIMITSU & CO. (SHANGHAI) LTD. as the first oversea subsidiary.
2013 Established THAI ISHIMITSU CO., LTD. as the second oversea subsidiary.
2013 Listed on the stock on the Tokyo Stock Exchange JASDAQ ( Standard ) as the result of the merger of Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange,
2015 KANSAI ALLIED COFFEE ROASTERS Co. ,LTD abtained the certificate of FSSC22000.