We, S. ISHIMITSU & CO.,LTD. have been working with sincere mind adherence to “Food” and spirit contributing to the society through “Food” for over 100 years since the foundation.

Initially in Los Angeles (the place of our foundation), we delivered Japanese food to the immigrants from Japan there, which could bring good memories of the home country to them.

After that, we moved our base to Japan, where we embark on the business to familiarize and create the new food culture with coffee that was not so popular in those days.

As the life with coffee along with diversity of food style has developed the restaurant and food service industry, we have grown from a trading company specialized merely in coffee to a supplier of various kinds of food for the commercial use.

Furthermore, our business is now expanding to such works to introduce the Japanese food culture overseas.

Consumer needs for “Food” and the social environment surrounding “Food” are changing day by day, time to time.

Despite of such changes, we have a strong belief that we should be a company to realize and support all consumers’ happiness through “Food” sustainably.

To make it sure, we have launched our new Medium-Term Management Plan “S PROJECT” this year, the 110th year since the foundation, and by implementing it during 3-year term, we shall reinforce our platform, which enables us to be a continuing company for 200 years and 300 years.

One of the key issues is “building up the strong body supporting the sound growth.” For it, we shall change the way to work with the vision of what it should be.

Another issue is “human resource development.” We shall improve our working environment that can make it effective “thinking together and working together” so that we contribute “for the prosperity” of us and people around the world.

We are changing ourselves for our unchangeable continuity even after passing 200 years.

We ask for your ongoing support.

June 29, 2016