Company Doctrine

Corporate principle

For realization of company principle "Think Together, Work Together, for Mutual Prosperity", the company and its group companies carry out business activity with maintaining common values and ethical views to take sincere and appropriate operation every day and also practice the compliance of laws, rules, and social norms as our first priority. All executives and employees of the company and its group companies will act in compliance with "The conduct code for S. ISHIMITSU & Co.,Ltd. Group"

The conduct code for S. ISHIMITSU & Co.,Ltd. Group

  1. We actively provide timely and appropriate information to acquire correct understanding and assessment from our shareholders.
  2. We always take the interest of shareholders into our consideration and sincerely accomplish our work with high ethical standards and responsibilities.
  3. We aim to be an attractive company by seeking to increase a long-term and continual company value.
  4. We work for the standpoint of customers while executing a fair trade for all customers.
  5. We sincerely provide valuable true information to customers.
  6. We provide superior quality products for customers as a sense of security, satisfaction, and trust.
  7. We don't follow irrational business customs but sincerely carry out our business by building an equal and fair trade relationship with all business partners.
  8. We procure the best and the most appropriate resources through a fair and transparent trade.
  9. We respect individual characters/values each other and seek for sound work environment.
  10. We work with consciousness as a member of society and aim to be a work professional as a company employee.
  11. We treat the company assets accordingly and appropriately regardless of tangible or intangible.
  12. We don't use,invade other people's rights/assets wrongfully but respect those to the maximum extent possible.
  13. We maintain and establish a healthy and normal relationship with high transparency to avoid suspicion and mistrust from society.
  14. We should strongly recognize that the environmental conservation is a lifeline for business existence and make efforts to acquire an understanding from society for our business activities while sincerely approaching the environmental problems.
  15. We should strongly recognize that the development of our company can not be achieved without the development of society and we aim to advance together through intercommunication with society.

Ethics/Compliance activity


S. ISHIMITSU & Co.,Ltd. Group will protect a legal security for all employees and pursue the ethics/compliance comprehensively as a purpose of establishing a corporate governance for seeking social responsibility.

Promotional structure

  1. We carry out a training promotion/monitoring for compliance in respect to executives and regular employees in the company and its group companies.
  2. We establish the compliance committee in the company.
  3. We establish a Hotline System by creating "Compliance consultation service" as a structure to accept any reports. The compliance committee will correspond swiftly and appropriately to the reports while protecting the informer's privacy and maintaining the interest.

Responsibility for executives and employees in S. ISHIMITSU & Co.,Ltd. Group

  1. We always take the interest of shareholder into our consideration and provide reasonable business accomplishment.
  2. We seek to increase a long-term and continual corporate value.
  3. We actively provide timely/appropriate information to acquire a correct understanding and assessment from shareholders of our company.
  4. We respond to our customer's needs by providing valuable products in all aspects of price, quality, safety, and environment.
  5. We provide appropriate information of products for customers.
  6. We execute a fair trade and work for the standpoint of customers.
  7. We procure the best and the most appropriate resources by building an equal,fair trade relationship.
  8. We promote human resource development and its utilization and provide a meaningful work while respecting the employee's personal character and providing a safe work environment and good labor condition.
  9. We respect social justice while complying with laws as a responsible member in society.
  10. We sufficiently pay attention to secure an environment and safety.
  11. We realize that the company development can not be achieved without the development of society.
  12. We accomplish a responsibility of tax payment appropriately.

Corporate ethics

  1. We reexamine irrational practices while complying with laws and respecting generally accepted social norms.
  2. For maintaining a reliability of financial report, we conform to relevant laws and accounting standards, comply with sincerity for accounting, and submit an appropriate financial report.
  3. We never practice a provision, payment, request, and reception of bribe.
  4. We do not provide or receive excessive business entertainment and gift item.
  5. We avoid any relationship with anti-social force or its members/organizations and never allow any behavior to encourage the activity.

Information management

  1. We endeavor for timely and appropriate information disclosure in respect to our company's management situation and company activity in general.
  2. We never practice such business trade as insider trading or suspicious trading.
  3. We endeavor for appropriate management of documents and information.
  4. We securely manage confidential information.

Contribution to local community

We put importance on contribution to local community by executing a social action program as a responsible member in society.

Fair trade

We practice a fair trade with our understanding that a fair competition among companies would be an important factor for socioeconomic activity.

Fundamental human rights

  1. We respect fundamental human rights with no discrimination by sex, age, birthplace, nationality, race, ethnic group, doctrine, religion, epidemic, and disability.
  2. We actualize sound work environment and never allow sexual harassment.