Coffee and Beverage Business


We have been dealing with coffee beans as a core business since the company establishment. GREEN coffee beans are produced in the area called "Coffee Belt" that is mainly located in 25 degree of north and south across the equatorial line.

In our company, as purchasing beans from the coffee producing countries in Latin America, Africa, and Asia, we make our efforts to optimize quality, price, and quantity for customer requirement while our employees in charge of each area collect information by directly visiting the local area and build a partnership with local exporters and farms.

Our theme is "working with quality".

The quality that we aim for is not to seek for a simple deliciousness and rareness or not to praise a farm name and varietal name unnecessarily, but we create value with producing areas for our customer requirement. Furthermore, it must be safe and secure for our customers.

To pursue the quality, the analysis and evaluation for coffee are conducted by the combination of in-house research & development section and quality management team. We operate our business to actualize the target quality with conducting various tests from componential analysis for beans to residual pesticide test, componential analysis for roasted beans and extraction liquid, and a sensory test by in-house qualified personnel.

Green Coffee business

Processed coffee product business

Instant coffee business

We constantly stock approximately 30 types of instant coffee with different taste and quality that are imported from coffee producing countries such as Brazil and Columbia as well as from Switzerland, and produce "Instant Coffee Products" in accordance with taste, price, and form of our customers' requirement. We aim to be No.1 OEM instant coffee manufacturer by combining "Know-how for taste analysis with taste sensor and optimal blend proposal by utilizing the analysis results" and "Production facilities for various kinds of products".

Instant coffee

Regular Coffee business

In our group companies, we have Tokyo Allied Coffee Roasters Co.,Ltd. and Kansai Allied Coffee Roasters Co.,Ltd. as specialized manufacturer for regular coffee and those companies boast one of the best processing accomplishments and sales performances in Japan.

For serving delicious coffee constantly, we introduce the latest production facilities prior to other companies in the industry, and under the severe inspection system, we produce and sell coffee for industrial use as ingredient for can/PET bottle coffee and chilled cup coffee, coffee products for restaurant industry such as coffee chain/restaurant chain, and various coffees for household use such as coffee can/bag for coffee maker and dripping and coffee bag for one cup dripping as corresponding to recent individual food consumption.

Regular coffee

Tea business

Products for industrial use

We procure black tea leaves, oolong tea leaves, green tea leaves, and grain tea leaves from all over the world. In addition, we process the leaves for blending, refining, powdering, and sterilizing in accordance with demand and then sell them to major beverage companies as raw materials.

Products for industrial use

Products for institutional use (professional use)

We sell black tea leaves and oolong tea leaves for catering market, restaurant industry with stable quality and price.

Products for institutional use (professional use)

Products for household use

We carry out OEM procurement for foreign, domestic packaged products. It mainly focuses on tea bags and we execute business operations from design to ingredient quality, to management, for packaging quality and distribution proposal.

We increase our market competitiveness for brand owner by supporting from production to distribution.

Products for household use