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Annual General Meeting of Shareholders


Annual General Meeting of Shareholders was held, reporting FY2015 financial results.

< FY2015 Financial Highlights ( under Japanese GAAP ) >

  • Net Sales (on consolidated basis): 39,592 million Japanese yen
  • Operating Profit (ditto): 271 million Japanese yen
  • Net Profit (ditto): 382 million Japanese yen
  • Dividend (effected on 06/09/2016): 10 yen per share
  • Total Asset as of 03/31/2016 (on consolidated basis): 20,375 million Japanese yen
  • Net Worth as of 03/31/2016 (ditto): 7,453 million Japanese yen


    In addition, 6 members of the board were re-elected.
    From the board meeting just after the above, Mr. Tomohiro Ishiwaki has formally assumed the position as President and CEO.
    The new titles of board members and corporate auditors are as follws.

Shigeru Morimoto Chairman
Tomohiro Ishiwaki President and Chief Executive Officer
Akio Nakano Executive Vice-President
Kiyofumi Yamane Executive Director
Tomonari Ueno Director
Tadashi Kondou Director *
Kimio Yamagishi Corporate Auditor **
Shinji Higuchi Corporate Auditor **
Teturou Kusaba Corporate Auditor
*  Indicates an outside director
** Indicates an outside corporate auditor
< Honorary Chairman >
Teruo Ishimitsu